Review Guide

Review Guide

Here are some advices on how to conduct a good review

Double blinded process: As the journal policy is a double blinded, please note that there will be no details of author in the first page of manuscript. Both the reviewer and the author are anonymous to each other. So never to worry because the authors details are missing.

Start with the importance and novelty of the work. If the work is flawed but salvageable, write in the review form what needs to be done to rescue the paper. This is helpful to the Editor, the authors and to science in general.

List your comments in two groups: Comments to the author and comments to the editor/editorial office. Mark that require additional experiments, analyses, rewriting etc. Do quote the points like linguistic, grammar, typographical, illustrations, editing, etc which enhance the presentation of the work.

Reviewer Recognition

Recognition - We publish a complete list of reviewers on the website once you complete and submit the review.

Certificates for completed reviews are available upon request.