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Journal covers latest peer-reviewed papers on stroke studies. New developments, diagnostic methods and novel technologies, both in the area of diagnosis and treatment.

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Aimed to publish high quality articles in the areas related to stroke treatment, prevention, pathogenesis, risk factors, medicine and to bring stroke awareness across the world. This Academia Journal of Stroke is funded by various projects of USA, hence it is free for the authors to get published. There will be no open access charges to be covered by authors.

This journal accepts the following type of articles: Original basic & clinical research articles, Case Reports, Review articles, Editorials, Short Communications, Study Protocols, Clinical Practice papers, Inaugural Lectures, Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, Conference abstracts, Review literature, Trial papers, and Registered reports.

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Case Report, Volume 1, Issue 1

Hemichorea-Hemiballism after Acute Ischemic Stroke

Benjamin Wagner, MD, Peter Fuhr, MD and Gian Marco De Marchis, MD


Research Article, Volume 1, Issue 1

Cardiac Biomarkers in Acute Stroke

Fiori Patrizia, Capaldo Guglielmo, Corbo Antonio, Corbo Giulia, Di Gregorio Maria, Iorillo Luigi, Pelosi Chiara, Savino Patrizia, Botticella Filomena, Dragonetti Carmela, Manganiello Gianvito, Morella Alessandro, Pellecchia Vincenzo, Gennaro Bellizzi, Alberico Marielisa, Benigni Giovanni, De Caro Monica, Guerriero Barbara, Pace Erminio, Raffa Marianna, Ferrara Maurizio, Mazza Emerico, Tammaro CA, Giannetti LM and Monaco Antonio


Research Article, Volume 1, Issue 1

The Triage ICH Model for Predicting Prognosis of Patients with Non Traumatic Supratentorial Intracerebral Hemorrhage Admitted in Non ICU Setting: A Real World Brief Report

Luca Masotti, Elisa Grifoni, Alessandro Dei, Rosario Spina, Italo Calamai, Giulia Guazzini, Eleonora Cosentino, Ester Latini, Antonio Giordano, Francesca Dainelli, Francesca Maggi, Chiara Giulietti, Mario Romagnoli, Stefano Cinotti, Elena Schipani, Giuseppe Salvatore Murgida, Stefania Di Martino, Andrea Cozzi, Eleonora Sisti, Adele Carli Ballola, Debora Dacomo, Moira Bonfanti, Elisabetta Daini, Maria Letizia Bartolozzi, Mariella Baldini, Antonio Segneri, Sandro Santini, Cristina Moncini, Elisa M



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